Unity 4.5.4 開放下載



Android:新增了 Android TV 的執行與發佈功能


  • Graphics: Added Texture2D.EncodeToJPG with JPG quality argument.
  • Graphics: Added Visible in Background option to windowed fullscreen.
  • Linux: Stop force-disabling sync to vblank when a compositing window manager is detected.
  • Physics 2D: All 2D physics components now perform faster GetComponent<> lookups.
  • Terrain: Added an option to preload all detail patches and keep them loaded in memory. Set via the Terrain settings and with the "collectDetailPatches" property. Can reduce hiccups when navigating a Terrain.
  • Terrain: Improved tree culling performance.
  • Windows Phone / Store: Slightly improved performance in master builds.


  • 2D: Fixed sprite importing regression which caused sprite references to be lost on texture rename.
  • Android: Fixed application hanging and crashing when trying to close the IME with the back button.
  • Android: Fixed game starting not full screen if the orientation is not set to Auto Rotation.
  • Android: Fixed mouse input for interacting with standard GUI.
  • Asset Import: Fixed crash when plugin DLL calls AssetDatabase.Refresh in type initializer.
  • Editor & Webplayer: Fixed crash when loading some meshes imported with Unity 3.5.
  • Editor: Fixed "ArgumentException: Invalid path" error that might occur with some custom windows.
  • Editor: Fixed an issue whereby text went out of the TextArea in custom editor when return was pressed or multi line text was pasted.
  • Editor: Fixed Asset Store window showing up blank in DirectX 11 mode on some Intel graphics cards.
  • Editor: Fixed Hierarchy NullReferenceException happening when dragging an item over another item that is not a parent.
  • Editor: Fixed inspector rendering when having more than one missing script on a GameObject.
  • Editor: Fixed launch of Visual Studio for script editing, added additional logging to the editor log to troubleshoot future problems.
  • Editor: Fixed that a hidden Hierarchy window did not refresh when changing scenes.
  • Editor: Fixed that the icon for Alphabetical Sorting in the Hierarchy toolbar did not show when selected.
  • Editor: Fixed that when searching in the Hierarchy clicking on a search result item and then on "x" button did not reveal it.
  • Editor: Multiple events in the animation window can be dragged.
  • Editor: SpritePacker will not crash packing sprites generated from textures with certain OnPostprocessTexture scripts.
  • Editor/iOS: Large memory samples in profiler now work. Fix for the error "Buffer is not large enough for the message."
  • Graphics: Fixed Shader Material Keyword changes not applying to Materials on objects in the scene.
  • Graphics: Fixed skinned meshes sometimes not rendering in player builds when Read/Write Enabled import option is disabled.
  • Graphics: Fixed stencil modes only affecting front facing geometry when shader has Cull Off.
  • Graphics: Fixed textures in material property blocks (e.g. sprites) sometimes messing up other textures in the material on OpenGL.
  • Graphics: Fixed "allocation 0x00000000 already registered" error messages.
  • Graphics: Work around crash when trying to read invalid shader properties.
  • IMGUI: OnMouseExit not called when mouse is moved from a collider to IMGUI element that is occluding it.
  • iOS: Fixed crash occurring when using webcam texture whilst privacy settings deny access to the camera.
  • iOS: Fixed handling of resolution preset in Player Settings.
  • iOS: Fixed startup orientation handling on iOS 8.
  • iOS: Support files with multiple fonts when building font metadata.
  • iOS: Update and render additional frame after app suspension. Allows customising paused app's thumbnail.
  • Linux: Fixed text entry when pressing enter/return.
  • Mac OS X: Fixed a bug where certain third party mice would cause the editor or players to take a very long time to start up.
  • Mac OS X: Fixed full screen rendering at less than native resolution.
  • Mac OS X: Fixed duplicate input events being sent in OS X standalone player.
  • Mecanim: Fixed crash when opening a project with Free License where Animator Layer Sync has been turned on by a Pro License user.
  • Mecanim: Fixed bug where Animator.StartRecording would prevent Animator.Play from playing animations.
  • OpenGL ES2: Fixed shader depth state handling.
  • Physics 2D: 2D colliders marked as triggers now don't affect center of mass or inertia calculations.
  • Physics 2D: Allow the change of Z transform position only, without disturbing Rigidbody2D interpolation.
  • Physics 2D: Rigidbody2D without colliders now has default inertia and center of gravity.
  • Physics 2D: Stop memory leak when assigning vertex array to PolygonCollider2D.points with invalid geometry.
  • Scripting: Fixed ARM thunk creation in dynamic methods on AOT platforms.
  • Scripting: Fixed occasional crash when switching between scenes.
  • Scripting: Fixed potential crashes during breakpoint and single stepping in debugger.
  • Scripting: Fixed the debugger causing waits to be interrupted.
  • Shaders: VFACE pixel shader input semantic works now. Previously was not quite working on D3D9.
  • Substance: Fixed crash when loading a scene with an object that has a script with a ProceduralMaterial assigned to a Material property.
  • Windows Phone 8.0: Fixed an issue which caused shader depth bias being applied to the wrong direction on old WP 8.0 OS builds.
  • Windows Phone 8.0: Unity no longer prevents build even if it finds code that will potentially crash during runtime.
  • Windows Phone 8.1: Fixed Unity player not pausing when a phone call is incoming.
  • Windows Phone 8.1: Input.inputString now works properly.
  • Windows Phone: Fixed crash on application exit when location was enabled.
  • Windows Phone: Unity no longer generates empty files that cause XAP deployment failures.
  • Windows Store / Phone: Fixed an issue which caused Unity player to crash sometimes when loading a DLL not built for WinRT.
  • Windows Store / Phone: Unity will produce full PDB files for scripts even in non-development builds.
  • Windows Store Apps: Fixed exceptions which occur when trying to use reflection.

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